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Gerard Breen, owner and manager of Real Rome Tours


Founder, Manager & Tour Planner

About the founder

I moved from Ireland to Rome in 2007 and, after a short time working in the tour guide business, set up Real Rome Tours to solve the problems I saw with how tourists were being herded in large groups and fleeced by the existing tour companies.

My passion is customer delight. I love solving problems, and exceeding customer expectations. I have always put customers at front and centre of all plans for the company, constantly asking for feedback and input from past and potential visitors to Rome, to discover what their needs are and how to deliver on that.

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ferdinando badagliacca

Hi everyone!

My name is Ferdinando Badagliacca, I’m an archaeologist and an official guide of Rome and its province since 2009.
I took a Degree in Preservation of the Cultural Heritage in Sicily and a Master Degree in Classical Archaeology (i.e. greek and roman) in Rome.

I’m a specialist in roman and greek pottery.
I had the privilege to take part to the excavation of an area very close to the Colosseum. The experience turned afterwards into my MD focused on Nero and the Flavians, the dynasty of emperors who built the Colosseum.

I also had the opportunity to take part to several excavations in Sicily, in many regions of Italy and in Crete two times as a guest of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens.
History of art has always been my passion.

To get my license as a guide gave me the chance to improve my knowledge and transform my enthusiasm into a job. I still keep updating my competence and every tour is an opportunity to learn something more.
Walking in the city centre and visiting the Vatican Museums more or less 300 times a year made me conscious of the incredible masterpieces of the city and at the same time capable and eager to share this experience with you.

claudia collacchi profile

I consider myself a true Roman, with a pride in and passion for my city, and with the unique Roman sense of humour to boot! I am an art historian by education, but have developed a passion for architecture, archaeology, culture and theology, but most importantly, for meeting people! Nothing gives me greater pleasure than meeting tourists and showing off my wonderful city!

max francia

Born and bred in Rome, I graduated in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History in 1994. Working as a local tour guide ever since, I was eager to expanding my fields of interest which span from the origins of the Eternal City to WWII and modern times.

Marle, tour guide with Real Rome Tours

Hello! I am Marle Robinson. I was born and raised in South Africa. Since I was a child, I had a great love for all art forms, and can only be grateful to my parents that supported and encouraged this passion as they shared it. I went to a private all-girls high school that offered art – practical and history – so i have been painting and studying art history since school days. I have a Bachelors degree in fine arts, focusing on the Renaissance. Every winter I follow courses courses on Ancient Rome, Early Christianity and Judaism. Rome is not called the Eternal City for nothing ! I have the great privilege to live here and be surrounded by incredible scholars that offer all kinds of courses.

Andrea, tour guide with Real Rome Tours

I’m Andrea Domini. I’m a licensed tour guide of Rome with a Bachelors degree in Art and History with a focus on Roman Renaissance Art.

I was born and raised in Rome. My passion for art started when I was a teenager thanks to the lectures of art history I took throughout high school. My love for Rome’s amazing art was ignited from a young age by my father who took us to Trastevere and the Jewish quarter regularly. I now live in this lively, welcoming neighborhood and highly recommend visitors to explore it too. As a tour guide, I have the ability to unravel the many different historical layers of this wonderful city in an entertaining, interesting way that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Heidi, tour guide with Real Rome Tours

Scandinavian origins, moved to Castel Gandolfo outside Rome in the 80s. Graduated in Political Science with a passion for history and art.

I have also worked as a journalist, furthermore, I have participated in commercial spots promoting Rome and also in a documentary where I described Rome seen through my eyes. This wonderful city with surroundings is to be experienced at least once….even though a lifetime is not enough.



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