Climb to St Peter’s Basilica Dome 

view from vatican dome
view from vatican dome

St Peter’s Basilica is the tallest building in Rome, so has the most spectacular views from its dome. Before going, however, it is advisable to watch this video, and see for yourself how difficult it can be!

There are 551 steps in total, the first 231 of which take you to the roof of the Basilica. These steps can be skipped by taking an elevator – however, you are on your own for the final 320 steps, which go inside the famous “cupola”, and this is where you earn your reward! The steps become narrower and steeper, you begin to feel the dome close in on you, and you will notice the spiralling steps forcing you into going around in circles that get shorter and shorter.

It is also practically impossible to change your mind and go back, so when you commit to these final 320 steps, you have to go all the way to the top! Definitely not for the claustrophobic, if you suffer from vertigo, are pregnant, have a heart condition or are overweight.

All that said, check out those views from the top!

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