Multi-religious marathon for peace in Rome

Multi-religious marathon for peace in Rome

Multi-religious marathon for peace in Rome.
City and Vatican co-organise Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis.
The Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis, schedued for 17 September, is described as the first multi-religious half marathon for peace.

Peace, integration, solidarity. These are the fundamentals that inspired the “Rome Half Marathon VIA PACIS”. Event promoted by Rome Capitale and by the Pontifical Council for Culture.

That’s why, on the streets of the Capital, women, men, families, old and young people, children, sportsmen, people with disabilities, but also refugees will run, each one with his bib number, each one with his message of peace that will release, when arrive at the finish line, in some transparent columns that symbolize the columns of peace. The phrases and the testimonies collected will be published later in the book “Via Pacis”

So the 21-km race begins at St Peter’s Square at 09.00 on Sunday 17 September. It will be televised live on RAI Sport.

The race route will incorporate sites pertaining to five different religious denominations. It was inspired by the traditional pilgrimage of the seven churches. The “VIA PACIS” will create an ideal link between some of the places of worship and emblematic of the capital.
Those are St Peter’s, the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Valdese Church and the Orthodox Church.
“The first Half Marathon Multireligious for Peace it’s a really wonderful for the intentions and its implementation. An initiative which we are particularly proud and happy, because it helps us to foster dialog and integration between different religious communities present in Rome. Helps us to make more solid those sentiments of union and brotherhood which have existed for centuries, making them always current and present. Only in a common path, while respecting the diversity of each, our community will grow stronger and integral, ready to accept the challenges that are increasingly difficult and urgent. In the symbolically retrace the route of the pilgrims who arrived in our city from every part of the world, Rome will be once again the protagonist of the story that speaks to others with words of peace and solidarity. Always the one next to the other to run together.”
Said the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi

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