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Ancient Rome: Lives of the Romans

Ancient Rome

Intimate Group Tour

Adult: €125Child Under 18: €100*Infants aged 0-2: Free* Child price applicable for guests aged 3-17 on the day of the tour

What You Get

  • Join others in small groups of no more than 6 people
  • Interactive experience
  • Fun and learning guaranteed
  • Fluent English-speaking, licensed tour guide
  • Skip the Lines with VIP access
  • Longer tour to allow for a more relaxed pace, no rushing
  • Easy-to-find meeting point
  • Customer service with you every step of the way if you need help
  • Best quality earphones to help you hear your guide without standing close

Private Tour

Group of 1-6 pax: €300Adult Entrance Tickets: €25 ** Adult Tickets must be added as an add-on, for each member of the group aged 18 or over on the day of the tour

What You Get

  • All the benefits of the Intimate Group option
  • Your own personal tour guide - no sharing
  • Additional options available which can be added to the standard tour
  • For groups larger than 6 people, contact us through the Contact page
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Your full tour

In our half-day walking tour of the archaeological sites of the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum, you will discover the layers of history, politics and civilisation that have been unearthed by generations of archaeologists in the century and a half since Italy became a nation.

Our in-depth tour, with a local professional guide, licenced and experienced in archaeology and ancient history, brings the ancient world to life, with vivid descriptions of the historical events that transpired more than 2000 years ago, and how everyday Roman citizens went about their daily lives. Your guide will not only tell you what we know about Ancient Rome, but will tell you how we make inferences from the evidence left behind in the stones, columns and monuments that have survived the centuries.

Beginning at the Colosseum, a stadium built for the entertainment and control of the Roman “mob”, your guide will enthral you with behind the scene details of the gladiator games, executions, animal hunts and sea battles that took place in this and similar arenas, and the political events that led to its construction by the Flavian dynasty of emperors.

The Roman Forum was the scene for triumphal parades, political speeches and important funerals, but it was also a place for doing business for Rome’s citizens. It was the centre of Roman life, and your guide will regale you with stories that will encapsulate all its grandeur and importance, as you stand in the very centre of the Roman world.

The Palatine Hill looked over the Roman Forum, and it was no accident that the elite ruling class of Rome resided there, eventually becoming home to the Emperors, who built such large residences that the word “palace” takes its name from the hill. Another reason for the importance of this hill was its legendary connection with the birth of Rome. A visit to the Palatine Hill is a must if you want to understand how the Romans felt about their city.

This is not a standard “see the sights and take a photograph” tour. This is a tour which will take you to greater depths than others, in which you will gain real insight into what Rome was like when this area was flourishing. Our groups are limited to only 6 people, which allows for interaction with your guide, who will leave no stone unturned (pun intended!) in ensuring that by the end of the tour, you have a deep understanding of the lives of the Romans.

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