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Catacombs & Appian Way Driving Tour

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Something for all the family on this special and unique day trip just outside of Rome, to the park of aquaducts, and the Appian Way. 

The park of aquaducts is an amazing experience which most visitors to Rome do not hear about, where you can see the ruins of several ancient Roman aquaducts. The Appian Way is one of the most famous of ancient Roman roads that still remain intact today. This area is home to several roadsite cemeteries and three catacombs. We will take you into one of these catacombs, as well as an Ancient Roman villa and circus, before visiting Rome’s smallest church, the Domine Quo Vadis, which has a wonderful story behind it! 

We round the day off by taking you back in time to a gladiator school, where you can learn how to be a gladiator from experts in authentic Roman dress!

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