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Colosseum Underground and Arena Group Tour with Colosseum On-Site Guide

Colosseum Underground Guided Tour
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Colosseum Underground Group Tour




With an expert guide working directly for the Colosseum, get a unique insight into the Colosseum, with a guided tour of the workings of the Underground area.

You will be led throughout the entire underground area, and exit on to the Colosseum Arena, where the tour will end.

By the end of this tour, you will have a greater understanding of how the “backstage” section of the amphitheatre worked, how the gladiators, wild animals and props were hoisted up to the Arena, and you can imagine as you stand on the Arena what it must have been like to be an actor in the bloody Roman Games! 

For this tour, we will send you detailed instructions on where to go to meet your guide inside the Colosseum, and will be available to you for assistance every step of the way.

Your tour will finish on the Arena Floor, where you can stay as long as you like after the tour has ended. You can then go upstairs to enjoy the overview of the Colosseum from the upper tier, and enjoy the very interesting exhibition on display, which includes models of the underground system that will make a lot more sense to you after having experienced the tour of the underground! This completes the Colosseum experience, as you will have seen and understand the entire complex from bottom to top! 

Your ticket also gives you skip the line entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, which you can enter once at any time up to 48 hours after the time of your Colosseum ticket.

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Colosseum Underground Tour,Colosseum Underground,Colosseum Underground Group Tour

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