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Cruise Excursion from Civitavecchia: Rome in One Day Driving Tour

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Cruise Excursion from Civitavecchia: Rome in One Day

Full Day Private Tour


Personal attention, an experienced and knowledgeable guide and an unforgettable experience. That is what we guarantee with all of our private tours.

Rome is a large city, and its history cannot be condensed into a day. Especially on a walking tour! However, with your own private NCC car and licenced driver, and accompanied by a local, licenced guide and expert on all things Rome, you can visit all the main attractions in comfort and style, while learning how all the beauty, history, politics, religion, ruins and architecture come together to weave the unique tapestry that is … Rome! I

n this completely customisable Civitavecchia Italy shore excursion you have the choice to see many famous and beautiful attractions – you pick because you’re the boss!


 Driving Tour:

Your personal driver will collect you from the door of your ship, and take you on a relaxing and enjoyable tour of the seven hills of Rome, in which any walking involved will be up to you!

Your driver will stop at some or all of the amazing sites in the description below, where you can exit the vehicle for some spectacular and memorable photos.

Your driver will provide some interesting facts along the way, but note that he is not a professional tour guide. A local expert guide may be booked as an optional add-on, to provide commentary and answer any questions you have about the sites along the way.

Lunch is taken at your discretion – we can plan the time you would like to stop, the type of meal you would like, and how long you would like to stop for, in advance of the tour.

At the end of the tour, the driver will take you back to the pier, right to the door of your ship!

“Yes, I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World! I now see all the dreams of my youth coming to life … Only in Rome is it possible to understand Rome.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We begin our tour at the Circus Maximus, home to epic chariot races in Ancient Roman times.
Your driver will take you from the Circus Maximus to the Arch of Constantine, from where your guide will give you a tour of your surroundings including the opportunity to stand on the Via Sacra, Rome’s most sacred road, where victorious generals would lead their armies to glorious triumphal parades, into the Roman Forum.

You will then drive along the via dei Fori Imperiali, a road built by Mussolini in the 1930s, with the intention of restoring the pomp of Roman triumphs with a road that went directly from the Colosseum to his residence in Piazza Venezia.  You will see the former residence of Mussolini, before going up to Capitoline Hill, which has a truly breathtaking view of Ancient Rome.

Your driver will now take you along the longest road in Rome – the via del Corso – which takes you to Piazza del Popolo. Along the way, you will pass some of Rome’s most famous and wonderful shopping streets, so let your driver know if you would like to stop here to buy some Gucci, Prada, Bulgari etc!

At Piazza del Popolo, home to Rome’s oldest Egyptian obelisk and the northern gate of the ancient city, the Porta Flaminio, you will see two examples of magnificent Baroque architecture, in the twin churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto.

The next stop in your Rome in a day Driving tour is the Spanish Steps and surrounding attractions. These include a uniquely designed fountain, a museum dedicated to John Keats and one of Rome’s most famous shopping streets – via dei Condotti.

We will continue our driving tour to take you to one of the most famous attractions in Rome – the Trevi Fountain – before continuing on to the Pantheon, a perfectly preserved pagan temple. Your guide will detail their histories, pointing out details you would otherwise miss.

The next two stops you visit are two of Rome’s most famous and popular places to relax, eat and people-watch! Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori.

That is the end of the Historic Centre of Rome part of your private driving tour, which brings us to the Vatican City. Along the way, we will take you through the Jewish Ghetto, where you will see the Portico d’Ottavia, the Synagogue and the remains of the Teatro Marcello.

Next we cross the Tiber river to introduce you to one of the most popular parts of Rome for locals. Trastevere is the 13th, and one of the oldest, districts of Rome, on the west bank of the Tiber River, south of Vatican City. Its name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim, literally meaning “beyond the Tiber”.

The location is just across the river from the major archaeological monuments of Ancient Rome. The narrow, cobbled streets are loaded with charm and authenticity. Trastevere feels like a small village (with a large percentage of people who eat out), yet you’re right in the heart of Rome!

We will now drive uphill, ascending one of the seven hills of Rome – the Janiculum Hill. The views from here are majestic, as you look down on the entire city, with breathtaking views especially of the Historic Centre you have just left behind you, and the Vatican City, your next destination.

Your penultimate stop will be Castel Sant Angelo, an ancient Roman mausoleum before concluding the full day Rome cruise shore excursion at the Vatican City.


Our hope is that, by the end of your driving full day tour of Rome, you will have a greater appreciation of how the history of Rome is not only evident in every part of the city, but how the different ages of that history are intricately intertwined, interconnected and woven together, to create a city that is like no other, and one who richly earns the title of “The Eternal City”. 

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