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When in Rome, go on a guided tour of the best Rome art museum. If you love art and want to make the most of your holiday, book our Gallery Borghese private tour and don’t waste your valuable time standing in mind numbing queues for hours on end. This Guided tour of the Borghese gallery will include everything you need to see and know about this prestigious private art collection. Heralded as Rome’s most popular museum, the Museo e Galleria Borghese (Borghese Gallery) is housed in a stunning villa just outside Porta Pinciana and includes the collection that has been described as the “queen of all private art collections.”

This Real Rome Tours art history tour will take you through one of the most interesting, charming, elegant and compact art museums in Rome. Interestingly,  the collection is not arranged chronologically; instead, it is a lovingly matched collection that reveals the personalities and tastes of 2 people: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the greatest of the Baroque artists; and Scipione Cardinal Borghese, the greatest art collector, who initiated the Roman Baroque. Highlights of the museum include Raffaello’s “Woman with the Unicorn,” Domenichino’s “Diana,” Botticelli’s “Madonna and Child,” and Caravaggio’s “David.”

During your Gallery Borghese tour you can also marvel at Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne,” Canova’s “Paolina,” and Tiziano’s “Amor Sacro & Amor Profano.” Hear untold stories about art being stolen from churches, artists being sent to jail, their workshops devastated by Borghese’s confiscations, mysterious deaths, and other stories of intrigue and passion that explain how the Baroque could sometimes cost more than life itself.

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