Vatican Museums, St Peter's & Sistine Chapel

Skip the notorious long lines to Rome’s favorite attractions and enjoy a hassle-free experience at your own pace. Make your way to the fast track entrance by purchasing advance skip-the-line tickets online.

You can pre-book your skip the line tickets for the Vatican online here:

Skip-the-Line Tickets: Vatican Museums, St. Peters & Sistine Chapel

There are three lines when you get to the Vatican: the longest is for visitors without a ticket, the second line is for skip-the-line ticket holders and the third (the shortest) is for guided tour groups. When you order your skip-the-line tickets in advance, you get to avoid the hassle of standing in queues for hours on end, waiting to go through security!

The fastest entrance possible to the Vatican is with guided tours, which start from only €45 with Real Rome Tours.


Don't Miss These Fascinating Artifacts During Your Visit!

  • Cortile della Pigna – the picturesque Vatican garden
  • The Raphael Rooms
  • The essential viewing galleries within the museums – the Rotunda, Gallery of Tapestries and Gallery of Maps
  • The Belvedere Courtyard
  • The Pinacoteca
  • The Creation of Adam and the Last Judgement on the Sistine Chapel – including Michelangelo’s private jokes
  • The sacred altar of St Peter
  • Michelangelo’s Pietà

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