Ancient Rome & Colosseum Tour: Colosseum and Roman Forum

Tour Package

Ancient Rome: Colosseum & Roman Forum 
Semi-Private Tour 

In semi-private groups of no more than 10 people, walk in the footsteps of gladiators and Roman emperors on this tour of Ancient Rome with skip-the-line tickets to the Colosseum & Roman Forum, skipping the long lines to the Colosseum.

Complete your semi-private tour with a walk along the Sacred Way (Via Sacra) as you immerse yourself in the vivid Roman history that surrounds you.

Availability: Monday – Sunday

Group Size: Semi Private Tour (Max 10)  

Departure Time: 8:30am

Check In Closes: 15 minutes prior to departure time

Duration: 3 Hours. 

What’s Included: Skip the line tickets, exclusive access to the Colosseum & Roman Forum, expert guide who speaks fluent English, high spec headsets that enable you to explore your surroundings without missing anything.

  • Guaranteed maximum group size of only 10 people, making for a more interactive and relaxing tour experience.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to the Colosseum & Roman Forum with an expert guide – all before the crowds arrive!
  • Immerse yourself in the daily life of ancient Romans in the Roman Forum.
  • Stroll along the Via Sacra – the setting for victorious Roman generals’ triumph parades, religious festivals and day-to-day travel in Ancient Rome.
  • Take in all the sights with a maximum of 13 fellow Rome-lovers in your group.

Semi-Private Tour: Maximum 10 people. Average group size usually around 6-8 people.

CategoryTour Fee per person
Child (ages 3-17) *50
Infant (ages 0-2) *Free

* Ages refer to on the day of the tour, and all participants must have a photographic ID to present upon request (photocopies and electronic devices are accepted)

Let the bustling ambience of Ancient Rome overcome you on this semi-private tour of the Colosseum & Roman Forum. With just 10 spaces available, your  tour starts at times that are designed to beat the crowds and the heat, and enables you to enjoy the most popular Rome attractions with a private tour feel without the price tag.

Tour of the Colosseum

Your tour will begin at the Colosseum, taking full advantage of the early morning shade provided by the Colosseum – there won’t be any later on in the day, so this is the best time to visit! A quick security check and you’re into this iconic monument to Ancient Rome.

Once you’re inside the Colosseum, you can fully explore the arena where gladiators and animals fought to the death for the entertainment of bloodthirsty Romans citizens and their megalomaniac emperors. Your guide will tell you fascinating stories about these events, and dispel some popular mistruths along the way. 

Being the first people into the Colosseum for the day gives you stunning views of the arena and an overview of Rome city – just remember to bring your camera!

Tour of the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was the center of Roman life in ancient times – the Roman Forum. Here politics, business, state funerals and military parades all took center stage. Today, you can still see the wall on which famous orators such as Cicero and Marc Antony made their greatest speeches to the Roman public. Friends, Romans, Countrymen – lend me your ears!

Your guide will take you to the site of Caesar’s funeral, which is still honored every year on his anniversary (the Ides of March) by proud Romans, who leave flowers at the spot believed to be where his pyre was burned.

After explaining the ruins of the temples, triumphal arches and other monuments that are still visible today in the Roman Forum, you can exit with your guide or choose to remain to look around further by yourself in the forum and the nearby Palatine Hill. 

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