ferdinando badagliacca

Ferdinando badagliacca

Hi everyone!

My name is Ferdinando Badagliacca, I’m an archaeologist and an official guide of Rome and its province since 2009.
I took a Degree in Preservation of the Cultural Heritage in Sicily and a Master Degree in Classical Archaeology (i.e. greek and roman) in Rome.

I’m a specialist in roman and greek pottery.
I had the privilege to take part to the excavation of an area very close to the Colosseum. The experience turned afterwards into my MD focused on Nero and the Flavians, the dynasty of emperors who built the Colosseum.

I also had the opportunity to take part to several excavations in Sicily, in many regions of Italy and in Crete two times as a guest of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens.
History of art has always been my passion.

To get my license as a guide gave me the chance to improve my knowledge and transform my enthusiasm into a job. I still keep updating my competence and every tour is an opportunity to learn something more.
Walking in the city centre and visiting the Vatican Museums more or less 300 times a year made me conscious of the incredible masterpieces of the city and at the same time capable and eager to share this experience with you.

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