Ostia Antica Tour

Ostia Antica Tour

Private Tour

Tuesday – Saturday at 8.30am & 2.00pm

Sunday at 7.30am & 2.00pm *

* These are the times that are bookable instantly from our website. To request a different departure time, please send us a request via the Request a Quotepage. 

Semi-Private Tour

Sunday at 7.30am

Group Sizes:

Private Tour: 1-12 people **

** For groups larger than 12 people, please send us a request via the Request a Quote page. 

Semi-Private Tour: 2-6 people

Duration: 4 Hours


* If you would like a longer/shorter tour, please send us a request via the 
Request a Quote page. 


  • See the well-preserved Roman theatre of Ostia Antica.
  • No line waiting with reserved tickets.
  • Experience first-hand how typical Romans worked and lived with the help of a local historian.
  • A wonderful alternative to visiting Pompeii without leaving Rome.
  • Learn about Rome’s sinful side, in the local brothel.
  • Visit the Capitolium, the Baths of Neptune and the House of Diana.
  • Experience the eerie tombs at Ostia’s Necropolis.
  • Discover remarkably well-preserved Roman temples.
  • Learn about Rome’s sinful side, in the local brothel.
  • Get a real feel for what life was like in Ancient Rome in this remarkable city.


  • Bookable as a private tour, or you can join a handful of other people in a semi-private tour of only 6 people maximum.

Private Tour

Just you and your guide
  • Base Price *: €540
  • Additional Adult: €65
  • Additional Child **:  €35
  • Infants ***: Free

Semi-Private Tour

Only 6 people per tour
  • Adult: €175
  • Child: (aged 5-17 on the day of the tour): €125
Notes on Private Tour Pricing:
  • Base Price is for the first two people on the tour. 
  • ** Children aged 5-17 on the day of the tour
  • *** Infants aged 0-4 on the day of the tour
  • Prices are for groups of up to 12 people. For groups larger than 12 people, please send us a request via the Request a Quote page. 



Catch the train from Rome to the former harbor town of the imperial city on a Half-Day Tour of Ostia Antica. Learn what life was like for ordinary Roman citizens as you see the main monuments of the commercial and military seaport of the Roman Republic.

If you love ruins and learning about how a vibrant city sprung into being and then later collapsed then the Ostia Antica Half-Day tour is for you! Explore the beautifully preserved archaeological remains of Ostia Antica, founded in the 4th century BC, and once home to more than 100,000 Roman citizens. 

Traveling by train from central Rome, your guide will accompany you to the ruins, and give a comprehensive account of Ostia’s rise and fall.

As an alternative to visiting Pompeii, our Ostia Antica excursion from Rome is something every visitor to Rome should do. You will be given the opportunity to marvel at well preserved remains of taverns, thermal baths, warehouses and theaters. 

Walk the main Decumanus Maximus thoroughfare as your guide brings the stones to life. Admire Roman statues that line the walkways, and feel as though you are walking in Ancient Rome itself.

On your Ostia Antica tour your tour guide will accompany you to the Baths of Neptune, crowned by an impressively intact mosaic of the sea god being drawn by a 4-horse chariot. Imagine the roar of the crowds at the amphitheater, and take your place in the stands just as 3,500 spectators would have done back in 12 BC when it was first built. 

No Ancient Ostia guided tour would be complete without a visit to the communal Forica (public washrooms). Here you will see a marble bench lined with 20 well-spaced holes along 4 walls of a large open room. Take a seat to experience one of the more natural and human aspects of Ancient Rome!

The best part about the Ostia Antica by train tour is that you can choose how and where to finish. At the end of your tour, you have the option to remain at Ostia Antica and the modern city of Ostia, or go to the nearby beach. Alternatively, those who prefer can join the guide on the train back to Rome for the end of the tour service.

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