Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome Tour

Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome Tour

The Key Facts


Time of tour varies, click on the booking link to view the times available for your required date.

Group Sizes:

Private Tour: 1-6 people **


Semi-Private Tour: 2-6 people

Duration: 3.5 Hours


* If you would like a longer/shorter tour, please send us a request via the 
Request a Quote page. 


  • Enter the Colosseum Underground and Arena Floor with VIP exclusive access
  • This is one of the most sought-after tours in Rome, and must be booked early due to the high demand and scarcity of tickets
  • Gain meaningful insight into the realities of Roman life, with a local expert guide who is an expert in Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Learn how historians and archaeologists work together to understand what transpired thousands of years ago
  • Visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and learn about the lives of Romans from your expert local guide
  • Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime unique experience with an expert local guide of Rome

Private Tour

Just you and your guide
  • Base Price *: €495
  • Additional Adult: €75
  • Additional Child **:  €50
  • Infants ***: Free

Semi-Private Tour

Only 6 people per tour
  • Adult: €150
  • Child: (aged 5-17 on the day of the tour): €99
Notes on Private Tour Pricing:

Base Price is for the first two people on the tour. 

** Children aged 5-17 on the day of the tour

*** Infants aged 0-4 on the day of the tour

Prices are for groups of up to 6 people. For groups larger than 6 people, please send us a request via the Request a Quote page. 



Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface? Let our expert guide transport you back 2000 years by taking you down deep into the recesses of Rome’s largest amphitheater. Explore places off the beaten tourist path, places that not even Roman citizens dared venture into. Don’t waste your valuable holiday time standing in line! Book a private Colosseum hypogeum tour with us and walk right into the depths of the Colosseum, making the most of every minute you’re in Rome.

On our privileged entrance Colosseum underground tour, see firsthand these underground rooms where the gladiators and wild animals waited before being unleashed for the enjoyment of the spectators packed like sardines in the stands above. Your knowledgeable guide will walk you through this tour of the Colosseum underground, giving you a full history and answering any questions you may have. During your Colosseum underground and arena tour, your private guide will paint the image in your mind of what it was like for the slaves 20 centuries ago, forced to fight to the death.

This intimate guided tour will show you the gritty history of the Colosseum underground. Your group will get exclusive access to the underground and arena floor. From these fantastic viewpoints, you will gain a unique perspective on the games the Romans watched here. You’ll also get a feel for what an average workday was like for the gladiators of Ancient Rome.

Stroll through the Roman Forum, where Romans lived out their daily lives. Here, politics, business, state funerals, and military parades all took centre stage.

See the wall on which famous orators such as Cicero made their speeches.

Learn the history of Ancient Rome as you walk among 2000 year old ruins
See the wall on which famous orators such as Cicero made their speeches.

Take a look at the remains of the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina and the temples of Julius Caesar and Romulus.

Listen to your guide’s explanations about the history of the Forum and what the temples, arches, and monuments were used for.

Hear about all the activities that took place in this sacred part of Ancient Rome during the days of the Roman Republic.

Visit the Palatine Hill, which was home to the wealthiest of Rome’s noble citizens during the time of the Republic, and later, exclusively the emperor.

Today, you can still see remains of some of the imperial palace’s former splendour.

The Palatine Hill looked over the Roman Forum, and it was no accident that the elite ruling class of Rome resided there, eventually becoming home to the Emperors, who built such large residences that the word “palace” takes its name from the hill. Another reason for the importance of this hill was its legendary connection with the birth of Rome.

A visit to the Palatine Hill is a must if you want to understand how the Romans felt about their city.

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