Custom private tours of Rome

Real Rome Tours specialises in custom-designing private tours to their client’s specific needs and requests. 

Our agents love working with each private party, to find the best solution for every client, so that we can help to make your visit to Rome an unforgettable and unique adventure! 

Many of our tours also have a semi-private option, in which you can be joined by other clients, up to a limit of only 6 peopleThese tours are specially designed to help you get the most out of your Rome experience, without sacrificing any of the quality of the private tours, at a lower price than the private option.

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Agents are waiting now to help you make the most of your Rome visit - or you can select from the list below of popular itineraries for both private and semi-private tours.

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Modern Art Tour with Art Historian Marle

Design your own tour! 

Our agents are waiting now to work with you in creating the perfect itinerary that is just right … for you!

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