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Early Morning Tour

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Private Tour

Daily except Wednesday and Sunday, at 7.45am *

* These are the times that are bookable instantly from our website. To request a different departure time, please send us a request via the Request a Quote page. 

Semi-Private Tour

Daily except Wednesday and Sunday, at 7.30am

Group Sizes:

Private Tour: 1-12 people **

** For groups larger than 12 people, please send us a request via the Request a Quote page. 

Semi-Private Tour: 2-6 people

Duration: 3.5 Hours


* If you would like a longer/shorter tour, please send us a request via the 
Request a Quote page. 


  • Enter the Vatican before everyone else with an early entry and no lines.
  • Enjoy the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms and Vatican Museums before the crowds arrive.
  • Experience the wonder of standing in the Sistine Chapel beneath Michelangelo’s ceiling and facing his “Last Supper” fresco.
  • Gaze in awe at the splendours of St Peter’s Basilica, the most important church in Catholicism.
  • Be moved by Michelangelo’s “Pietà” in St Peter’s Basilica.
  • Learn key facts about the history of St Peter’s Basilica, including its symbolic design and the history of its construction.
  • Bookable as a private tour, or you can join a handful of other people in a semi-private tour of only 6 people maximum.

For Private Tours only … 

Make your tour your own with these add-ons. 

Just click the link below to book a private tour, and check the appropriate box to add the option you want.

For other requests, please request a quote for a custom tour that we will tailor to your specific needs and preferences!

Add an American Breakfast in the Vatican Pinecourt Garden
vatican pinecourt garden breakfast

Enjoy an American-style breakfast in the unique surroundings of the Pinecourt Garden in the Vatican Museums!

Private Tour

Just you and your guide
  • Base Price *: €495
  • Additional Adult: €75
  • Additional Child **:  €50
  • Infants ***: Free

Semi-Private Tour

Only 6 people per tour
  • Adult: €150
  • Child: (aged 5-17 on the day of the tour): €99
Notes on Private Tour Pricing:
  • Base Price is for the first two people on the tour. 
  • ** Children aged 5-17 on the day of the tour
  • *** Infants aged 0-4 on the day of the tour
  • Prices are for groups of up to 12 people. For groups larger than 12 people, please send us a request via the Request a Quote page. 

Enter the Vatican City one hour before the official opening time in small groups for a more relaxing experience. See the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms and the Vatican Museums as they were meant to be seen!

Beat the crowds and see historic masterpieces up close on this guided tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.


With an exclusive entrance before the general opening to the public and in a small group, this guided tour will be your chance to discover without crowds the immense art collection built up by the Popes throughout the centuries.

Enter the Vatican Museums before the general public for a complete guided tour of this stunning collection.

Enjoy the masterpieces without the bustling crowds as you follow your guide through the Belvedere Courtyard, the Gallery of Maps, the four Raphael Rooms, and more.

Learn from your guide where Raphael worked the faces of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo into his frescoes.

Next is the Sistine Chapel. Arrive just as the doors first open to groups and visit at the most peaceful time of day.

You will get a full explanation of the frescoes of Michelangelo, as well as other artists, and the history of the construction, design and purpose of the famous chapel, from your guide before going in.

Next on your Vatican Early Access tour are The Raphael Rooms. These four rooms were part of the Papal palace, painted by Michelangelo’s contemporary and greatest rival, Raphael Sanzio.

Art lovers cannot afford to miss this short detour from the museums to stand in front of entire walls frescoed by the hands of this Renaissance genius – especially in the quiet of the morning and without the crowds! You can almost feel the rivalry and competition seeping from the walls themselves. The School of Athens is a masterpiece not to be missed! 

Finish your Vatican early morning tour by going to St. Peter’s Basilica via a special secret passage, bypassing the long lines outside. End your morning with a full tour of this sacred space and gaze upon Michelangelo’s moving Pietà, Bernini’s grandiose altarpiece and learn the stories and legends behind the art.

The Basilica features several chapels and contains numerous statues and mosaic works of importance. Your guide will point out the most important, and leave you with time to look around by yourself. The Pietà, one of Michelangelo’s most well-known religious sculptures, is among the highlights of this part of your visit.

Built over St. Peter’s tomb, the Basilica took more than 120 years to complete and is one of the most important sites in Christianity. During your St Peter’s Basilica tour our local, expert tour guide will explain to you the fascinating history of its conception, location on the Vatican Hill, design, architecture and symbolism.

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