5 things To Do If You’ve Already Been To Rome Before

5 Things To Do If You’ve Already Been To Rome Before

So, you’re planning a trip to Rome but you’re having a hard time coming up with a to-do list or itinerary.  You’re at your wit’s end, partly because you’ve been to Rome one or two times before and you can’t help thinking that you’ve seen everything. You’ve toured everything from the Vatican museums and the Colosseum to the famous Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.

Despite your reservations, Rome has even more fascinating sights and places to discover. Admittedly, an entire lifetime would not be enough time to see and discover every treasure hidden in Rome. After 2,000 or more years in existence, Rome is overflowing with archaeological sites, historical bridled- museums and Ornate churches that will have your mind reeling.

So for those looking to tour Rome again and again, here are 5 places to consider.

Visit The Basilicas of Rome

Rome is home to over 400 ornate churches that are overflowing with history and art. If it’s not the history or the art that will have you riveted, then it will be the archaeological genius that will send you back in time.

Notably, there are only four major Basilicas in the entire world, and all four of them are based in Rome. Rome is also home to the four minor Basilicas. Whichever Basilicas you choose to tour, you can be assured a front row seat to the discovery of relics, altars and mosaics that are tied to the early church saints.

Tour the Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto

Often considered two of the top places to visit in Rome, these two areas are bridled with Jewish history. The neighborhoods that make up the two areas are lined with Ancient ruins, medieval churches and Renaissance palaces. Whether you choose to stroll through the famous artistic quarter, Trastevere, home to the church of Santa Maria, or cross over Tiber Island, you’ll be in for an adventure.

View The Caravaggio Paintings

Caravaggio’s work is known to have influenced and set the tone in the world of art. His revolutionary work earned him a legendary title in the history of art. Of course, he was the one to introduce various techniques such as chiaroscuro technique and the balance of light and dark.

Perhaps what made him stand out is what his paintings portrayed. Unlike other famous painters, Caravaggio portrayed the lives of ordinary people while including various human imperfections. He painted what most artists hope and inspire to create. Undoubtedly, his paintings tell a tale that is relatable to each and every one of us.

If you love art or history, viewing Caravaggio’s paintings will probably have those creative juices moving again.

Visit The Gallery Borghese

Rome has no shortage of art or historical monuments to inspire creative minds and cater to historical enthusiasts.

The Gallery Borghese, an ever-bustling destination that attracts everyone and anyone is the place to be. Set in Villa Borghese, Rome, this beautiful museum is home to various sculptures, mosaics and paintings. The artwork can be dated back to the 15th or the 18th century.

Every historical piece placed and sheltered in this Gallery, is a glimpse into a world we did not get to experience. Yet, these beautiful pieces give us an idea of a world that used to be.

Climb the Dome St. Peter’s Basilica

The dome of St Peter’s Basilica is the tallest structure in Rome, so boasts the best panoramic view of the entire city of Rome.

Not for the faint-hearted, the dome is reached by climbing a spiral staircase

There are 551 steps in total, the first 231 of which take you to the roof of the Basilica. These steps can be skipped by taking an elevator – however, you are on your own for the final 320 steps, which go inside the famous “cupola”, and this is where you earn your reward!

See our video of the climb here.

If you are not up for the climb, take the elevator to the roof anyway, as the views of both the interior of the Basilica and the views of Rome are well worth it.

Real Rome Tours owners, Peter and Gerard Breen, enjoying the view from the dome of St Peter's Basilica
Real Rome Tours owners, Peter and Gerard Breen, enjoying the views from the dome of St Peter’s Basilica

So what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and prepare your taste buds for some Italian food and your eyes for breathtaking views.

There’s truly something for everyone in Rome, no matter what age or interest! For more information on visiting Rome, feel free to get in touch by phone/sms/Whatsapp: +39 3408521612, through our Contact page, or via email: info@realrometours.com 

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