The Best Day Trips From Rome

The Best Day Trips From Rome

As much as we love Rome, sometimes you just want to escape the noise and heat of the Eternal City and step into a more laid-back pace of life!

With something for everyone, here’s our pick of the top 5 day trips from Rome.

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Ostia Antica Day Trip

With preserved ancient remains to rival Pompeii, Ostia Antica is a delightful excursion from Rome’s busy streets.

Ostia Antica was ancient Rome’s vibrant sea port and is now an awe-inspiring archaeological showcase.

Prepare to be immersed in the 2nd-century world of ancient Rome. You can visit the public baths – Terme di Nettuno – and admire the artistic effort put into the stunning floor mosaic onsite.

After this, stop off at the awe-inspiring amphitheatre. There’s also an ancient cafe – the Thermopolium – that still has traces of the frescoed menu on the walls.

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Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Private Tour

Of course we couldn’t leave Pompeii off this list!

Witness 2000 years of perfectly preserved history at the site of one of the most significant natural disasters of all time.

Ancient street in Pompeii
Ancient street in Pompeii

This Unesco-listed site is huge and you’ll need at least three hours set aside just to see the essentials.

Popular attractions include the Forum, Lupanare (an ancient brothel) and amphitheatre.

Out of the town’s original 66 hectares, only 44 have been excavated, leaving plenty of new discoveries waiting to be uncovered.

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Visit the World Heritage Villas at Tivoli

You can take in not one, but TWO World Heritage Sites on this day trip to Tivoli!

Just 30km east of Rome, Tivoli is easily accessible by bus or car. Start your day out at Villa d’Este, a wonderful luxury villa and Renaissance gardens.

Look out for the Bernini-designed Fountain of the Organ, which uses a concealed organ powered by water pressure to play beautiful music. There’s also the 130m-long Avenue of the Hundred Fountains to check out.

After taking in all that splendor, head to Villa Adriana – the ruins of an expansive country estate once belonging to Emperor Hadrian.

You’ll need at least an afternoon to discover all the treasures hidden over the Villa’s 40 acres.

Hadrian’s personal refuge, Teatro Marittimo, was a mini-villa built on an island in an artificial pool, originally accessible only by swing bridges.

There’s also the canopo (a landscaped canal overlooked by a nymphaeum – a shrine to the water nymph) several bath complexes, temples and barracks.

There’s truly something for everyone in Rome, no matter what age or interest! For more information on visiting Rome, feel free to get in touch by phone/sms/Whatsapp: +39 3408521612, through our Contact page, or via email: 

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